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Artist's impression of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS)

A multi-million pound transatlantic robot boat could carry your name on its maiden voyage from Plymouth, England to Plymouth USA. The fundraising team behind the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) are…

Sunseeeker's stand at the Southampton Boat Show

Sales boomed at Southampton Boat Show with Sunseeker International banking over £45million in confirmed orders and another £10million to be agreed over the next few days.

The boat starts sinking off Ramore Head.
Pic: Coleraine Coastguard

Three anglers had to scramble out of their motor boat and onto rocks after being swamped by heavy seas

Sargo 33

Come rain or shine, the speedy all-weather Sargo 33 will carry you safely and comfortably to your destination

Sunseeeker's stand at the Southampton Boat Show

Sunseeker banked more than £25million of sales in the first weekend of the Southampton Boat Show. The company announced strong sales across a wide range of yachts. Southampton, the UK’s…

Row For James team: Rory Buchanan, Sam Greenly, Harry Wentworth-Stanley and Toby Fenwicke-Clennell

Four pals are rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic to raise over £300,000 for a charity, Row For James, raising awareness of depression, anxiety and suicide in young people

Readers' Sea Trial Day

A new boat club aimed at non-boat owners looking to give boating a try without forking out for a new boat is being launched by Trafalgar Wharf

Princess 75 Motor Yacht

Replacing the 72, the new Princess 75 Motor Yacht boasts a separate access master cabin, stunning main deck and a real turn of pace

Elling E6

The Elling E6 boasts transatlantic range but a decent turn of speed, making it one of the most versatile cruisers out there

October 2016

The October issue includes a preview of the Southampton Boat Show and Custom Yachting, including a review of the Sunseeker 95 Yacht

Princess 49

The Princess 49 is the first ever IPS-powered flybridge from the Plymouth yard. How does it stack up?