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Marex 370 boat test

Marex 370 cockpit
Marex 370 cockpit Marex 370 aft eating area Marex 370 aft cabin Marex 370 running

Marex 370 from the January 2010 issue of MBY

Pros and Cons
For: Astonishing fuel efficiency, privacy offered by aft cabin, exceptionally agile handling, versatile cockpit layout, talents at low and high speed, helmsman’s view out, onboard safety & security, practical cockpit canopy, stowage in aft cabin, sturdy looking build
Against: No separate aft heads, gloomy forward cabin, idiosyncratic circuit beakers

Motor Boat and Yachting recently braved the icy but beautiful weather in Norway to hop onboard the new Marex 370 to carry out a full boat test. In a world awash with hyperbole, you're probably fed up hearing the words unique, groundbreaking, and extraordinary. But those are the words you will be reading if you pick up the January 2010 issue of Motor Boat and Yachting and read our Marex 370 test report.

If the great and the good, and the ‘green', currently assembled in Copenhagen could only get their hands on the 370, chances are they would feel more kindly disposed towards the burning of fossil fuels in the pursuit of pure pleasure. Why? Because the Marex 370, an outwardly conventional shaft drive boat, is so astonishingly fuel efficient that it not only blows away every other similar shaft drive boat we've tested, it actually outperforms many of the slippery, supposedly efficient sterndrive sportscruisers we've tested.

The 370 also turned out to be an extraordinarily versatile boat, capable of fulfilling so many roles: intrepid offshore explorer, secure family cruiser, and low speed inland waterways rubbernecker. And thanks to its unique aft cabin, centre cockpit, enclosed hardtop configuration, it also stacks up very well as an uncommonly private weekender. If you're looking for an agile, 30 knot, sturdily built, jack-of-all-trades, don't part with your money until you've read our report.

Read the full report in MBY January 2010.



Aft Cabins

Aft Cabins

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