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Pursuit Offshore 315

  • Wed, 30 Sep 2009
Pursuit 315
Pursuit 315 Pursuit 315 Pursuit 315 Pursuit 315

Five hundred horses and a tough hull promise bags of fun

Pros and Cons
For: Rock soild build quality, speed, handling, useable cockpit
Against: Expensive, limited accomodation, unproven brand

As a boating population the British are scared of large boats with a big pair of outboards lurking on the back. However, with red diesel no longer being as cheap as it used to be, the idea of feeding a couple of petrol powered outboards isn't quite so difficult to stomach.

The Pursuit 315 has a similar school of thought to that of Boston Whaler and Grady White, lots of power, fantastically tough hulls and build quality that would shame Fort Knox - but they all have the price tag to match.

The Pursuit isn't going to have an easy ride in to this market sector though; the two aforementioned brands are both established marks and build these kind of boats very well.

The Pursuit is certainly well equipped to face the competition though, on a moody day in the Solent with a chop kicking up it felt assured, safe and absolutely rock solid. There was a wonderful absence of slamming and creaking giving the kind of assurance usually reserved for boats of a far larger length.

Hard turns can be made in absolute confidence, no matter what speed and the get up and go from the twin 250hp Yamahas is utterly addictive all the way up to the 40 knot top speed.

The large, open cockpit design means internal accommodation isn't a patch on sportscruisers of this size but the sleeping areas are still good enough for a couple to spend a weekend in comfort. 


Wheelhouse & Walkaround

Wheelhouse & Walkaround

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