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Sealine F380

Sealine F380

Motor Boats Monthly tested the brand new Sealine F380 out on the Baltic Sea


Our rating:  90%

Sealine F380

Sealine F380 driven

The Sealine F380 is the first new Sealine since the takeover by Hanse Group


Sealine F48

The Sealine F48 is classy, customisable and a real contender for the flybridge crown


Sealine F33

A victim of its own success perhaps, but the ubiquity of the F33 combined with current market forces mean that these boats are now seriously good value.


Sealine SC42

So does the Sealine SC42 deliver?

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Sealine SC38

The second addition in the SC range delivers to the max


Our rating:  10%

Sealine F46

Sealine F46

Exclusive video from Motor Boat & Yachting's test of the Sealine F46


Sealine SC47

Sealine SC47 - sealine's phantasmagorical design motifs manifest themselves in their latest twin-cabin sportscruiser

Sealine F46

Sealine F46

New Sealine F46 - a good looking boat with big socialising space

Sealine F46

Sealine F46

Could this be Sealine's light in shining armour?


Our rating:  80%

Sealine SC47

Sealine SC47

A dazzling addition to Sealine's sportscruiser range


Our rating:  70%

Sea T46

Sealine T46

For those buying boats in the T46's size bracket, the classic dilemma is whether to go for an aft cabin, or aft cockpit and flybridge.

Sealine S34

Sealine S34

In an age of stupendous marketing superlatives, categorising the boat as simply "eminently competent" might be seen as a case of damning with faint praise


Sealine 410

Although the 410 was launched in September 1993, it is still an exciting boat because it unusually fuses the aft cockpit and aft cabin.

Sealine SC35 | Reviews | Motor Boats Monthly |

Sealine Sealine SC35

Sealine’s new 35ft sportscruiser has taken design to a whole new level, with outstanding spec and space


Our rating:  80%