Why bother with a tender when you can drive up the beach in the amphibious Iguana X100 RIB?


Iguana burst onto the market a couple of years ago with an amphibious design that integrated folding caterpillar tracks into the shape of the hull allowing it to clamber up the beach even through waves up to 4ft high.

The new X line is a way of providing that same amazing amphibious technology at a lower price point. First to hit the water (or the shore of course) is a 10-metre RIB called the X100. It will carry 16 people (RCD category C, or 8 at category B), has a fully enclosed head hidden beneath the console, and comes fitted with a 300hp outboard engine, all for €220,000.

Iguana X100 render
However, as ever, that’s only the start. You can add a T-top, select extra seating or rock out to a full sound system. Or you can simply double the power with twin outboards instead of a single, kicking the top speed up to 47 knots.
On shore those caterpillar tracks spread the load so effectively that if you can walk on the surface, you can drive the boat across it too.

Price: From €220,000
Contact: Iguana Yachts