Videoworks’ Music Hull adds underwater sounds to your diving experience

If you can’t bear to be parted from your favourite Taylor Swift album, even when swimming from your boat, Videoworks can now ensure that the magic never ends.

Music Hull transforms the hull itself into a loudspeaker that can propagate high definition sound underwater.

Fitted for the first time to a Pershing 8X, the system is based on the installation of shakers on the inner surface of the stern section.

Videoworks explains that Music Hull works by ‘bending waves, filling space with an even acoustic pressure without requiring holes or openings in the hull.

‘The high fidelity of the sound is guaranteed by an electronic equalisation algorithm that allows the system to independently calibrate in real time’. So that clears that up!

It can be heard up to a radius of about 20m from the boat, and what’s really clever is a feature that makes Music Hull very different from classic external loudspeakers: the intensity decreases linearly and not with the square of the distance, which means it decreases more slowly as you move away from the vessel.

Pricing for the Videoworks Music Hull speaker system is available on application.