Saxdor 400 GT: Saxdor releases details of ultra-slick semi-open weekender

Details of the long-awaited Saxdor 400 GT have now been released. And as you would hope, it appears to occupy the ideal middle ground between the mighty Saxdor 400 GTC cabin model and the brand's classical GTO hardtops.

While the Saxdor 400 GTC we featured back in May 2022 employed a very upright, full-beam, all-weather pilothouse, the new Saxdor 400 GT adopts a much more open approach. It uses the raked screen common to Saxdor’s GTO models, alongside semi-glazed sides and twin overhead sunroofs at the forward part of the cockpit.

This highly versatile combination is designed to enable you to enjoy excellent protection at the four-man helm without sacrificing the open sensations that a lot of boaters value so highly.

Saxdor 400 GT: Full-beam internals

Further aft, the Saxdor 400 GT’s arrangement appears to tally much more closely with that of the GTC pilothouse model. Even as standard, the GT will include twin cockpit balconies that run half the length of the boat, radically increasing the deck space at rest.

In the absence of side decks, Saxdor will again take advantage of the full beam here, providing access to the foredeck seating zone via a door to port of the helm.

It will also factor in a set of panoramic opening sections on both sides of the central dining area, providing an unobstructed link between the ‘internal’ cockpit and the extra deck space of those fold-down terraces.

Saxdor’s ‘Private Island’

While Saxdor’s description of the new boat as a “private island” might be taking things a bit far, there’s no doubt then that the new Saxdor 400 GT will provide far more space and versatility than you would tend to expect of a 40-footer.

In addition to all that user-friendly day space, there’s a forward double cabin and separate bathroom, each with standing headroom of more than 6ft.

There’s also the option of a kids’ cabin beneath the companionway steps, plus a mid cabin, which is accessed via the cockpit sofa.

Saxdor 400 GT: 50-knot performance

Based upon the twin-stepped hull of the award-winning Saxdor 320, it’s expected that the standard rig of 300hp Mercury V8 outboards will enable the new Saxdor 400 GT to exceed 40 knots. But with Mercury’s optional V10 400s, you can apparently push that top end well beyond the 50-knot mark.

In short, it’s fast, it’s sexy, it’s full of day boating versatility and it’s capable of sleeping five people at a time. And with base prices expected to go from just €225,000 plus VAT, even the price of the new Saxdor 400 GT looks appealing.

Saxdor 400 GT specifications

LOA 12.4m

Beam 3.5m

Weight 6,000kg

Engines twin 300-400 hp outboards

Berths 5

Fuel capacity 1,000 litres

Target price from €225,000 plus VAT (provisional)


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