MBY boat review

The boat's attractions are obvious: it's a small, sporty weekender, with sleeping accommodation for six and has a top speed of 40 knots

MBY boat review

The Fairline Fifty was an instant success, selling 24 models in its first six months and ultimately achieving an astonishing run of 125 craft

Breakdown Rob Curtis Of Possible Forth Title

A faulty gearbox followed by a blown engine robbed Britain's Steve Curtis of any chance of making powerboat history by winning a fourth world Class I (16 litre) offshore championship.

From the Editor: November 2000

The Motor Boat & Yachting Festival seems a long time ago now, and even the Southampton Boat Show, by the time you read this, will be starting to feel like…

From the Editor: October 2000

The Shipping Forecast has become so obsessed with fives and sixes this summer it's starting to sound like Test Match Special, with England defending a slender lead and Lara at…

From the Editor: September 2000

I was talking the other day to an experienced and worldly-wise yachtsman who has just taken delivery of his new custom-built 44-footer...

Calm seas decimate fleet

Norwegian Kjell Rokke and co-driver Jim Dilk of the United States have taken the points lead in this year's world Class I (16 litre) offshore championship series

Cappellini on course for sixth world title

Five-time World Champion Guido Cappellini of Como of Italy proved to the powerboat racing world that a 2.5 litre Mercury engine can not only last the distance but also take…

Worlds Champions score at Cleethorpes

1999 World Two-Litre offshore champions, Peter Little and Dave Arthur from Oxford who were voted Power Yachtsmen of the Year in January, maintained their wining form when they led the…

From the Editor: June 2000

May already. Gordon Bennett. With Easter being so late this year I seemed to put the season on hold until all the chocolate was eaten

Jones to continue in new Formula I series

The three-time world champion from Cardiganshire was about to retired when he was offered a chance to team-up with French champion Phillippe Dessertenne

From the Editor: May 2000

It's a question we're often asked: which should I buy, an American or a European-built boat?

From the Editor: April 2000

You can tell times are good, because MDL’s marina berth price hikes are being greeted with total indifference by the rest of the marine industry.

Sunseeker builds a winner

The launch of the new Sunseeker XS2000 high speed sportsboat during the London Boat Show has rekindled enthusiasm for genuine offshore racing.