Life in the slow lane, but with more space and more ingenuity than ever on the Linssen Grand Sturdy 52.9

Product Overview

Linssen Grand Sturdy 52.9 AC Wheelhouse


  • Wheelhouse & Variotop versions
  • Sociable & practical open-plan galley
  • Generous headroom & berth lengths
  • Double glazing, underfloor heating etc


  • Dinette feels a little claustrophobic


Linssen Grand Sturdy 52.9 review


Price as reviewed:

£1,270,000.00 (inc UK VAT)


Flat out, we achieved a whisker under 10 knots with the standard issue 180hp Volvo D4 shaft drive engines. However, it’s far better to lose a couple of knots and cruise at around 8 knots, at which point the noise from the engines becomes a whisper and the fuel consumption plummets to give the lucky driver a range exceeding 700 miles.

Linssen Grand Sturdy 52.9 AC Wheelhouse master cabin

Linssen Grand Sturdy 52.9 AC Wheelhouse master cabin

Every now and then, when a boat builder jumps a single rung up with a new model, nothing much happens. The cabins and all the other compartments receive a little boost in size, but sometimes there just isn’t quite the space inside to achieve anything of note, let alone something impressive.

In this case, though, although Linssen’s new 52.9 is only 9% longer than its outgoing flagship (the Grand Sturdy 500) the result has been a spectacular reworking and expansion of the interior spaces.

Only you can judge whether the new rear-sited-galley arrangement works for you. However, unless you are dead set on having a cruiser with the galley up in the saloon, there seems to be no downside, only plus points.


Nothing revolutionary on the Linssen Grand Sturdy 52.9 but the extra length over the 500 makes a huge difference to the feeling of space inside. Solid, dependable and built to last.


Length:53ft 6in (16.30m)
Beam:16ft 10in (5.13m)
Fuel capacity:506 imp gal (2,300 litres)
Water capacity :220 imp gal (1,000 litres)
Draught:4ft 5in (1.35m)
Air draught:12ft 6in (3.80m)
RCD Category:A (for 12 people)
Displacement:32 tonnes
Test engines:Twin Volvo Penta D4 180hp
Top speed:10 knots
Cruising speed:8 knots
Range:736 miles (at 8 knots)
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