Editor’s Choice: OLAS Guardian wireless kill cord

The kill cord is arguably the most important piece of technology on your boat but the familiar red lanyard, though cost effective, is easy to forget to attach and, once done, means you’re tethered to the helm and can’t move around the boat.

The OLAS Guardian, which is designed and assembled in the UK, is the perfect solution to this and sends low energy Bluetooth transmissions from a control box to a wearable transmitter.

If that signal is broken by the transmitter entering the water the control box cuts the engine and the MOB can either swim to the boat and climb back on board and be rescued by other crew members.

After five seconds the system resets so that those on board can start the engine and perform the rescue procedure.

With a signal range of 50ft, the OLAS Guardian gives its wearer the freedom to move around the boat to attach lines and fenders – or dash up on to the quayside – without the engine cutting out, which if you’re boating on your own is particularly useful.

Up to 15 transmitters can be connected to the OLAS Guardian, useful on larger vessels where the skipper may struggle to keep track of where passengers and crew (and pets!) are.

In this instance, via the OLAS Wireless Marine Safety app, the skipper’s tag can be set to kill the engines on contact with water but passengers’ tags activate a MOB alert without cutting power.

The app, available for Apple and Android, adds to the system’s functionality and allows the user to track each tag individually, check their battery status, pause and restart tracking and set up a non-emergency services contact who is alerted by SMS if the wearer’s tag is triggered.

So convinced are we by this product’s abilities, Deputy Editor Jack had one installed to his new boat.

Price: £229

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