Windy 29 Coho boat review

MBM steps on board the Windy 29 Coho boat to see if it lives up to the builder's usual high standards of performance. Watch the boat test video to see how the boat handles on the water


Sheerline 955 boat review

MBM steps on board the newest version of the Sheerline 955 to see for itself the evolution of a classic river cruiser. Watch our boat test video to see what our first thoughts of the boat were


Boat fail video: boat crash

Oops. A gentle meander on the river leaves the skippers of two boats feeling decidedly dizzy, we suspect. Good job they weren't going too fast


Somali pirates: MBM investigates

In this exposing and at times troubling film, John Boyle investigates the horrors of piracy in the Indian Ocean with access to pirate courtrooms, interviews with victims, and by shadowing the organisations trying to stop Somali pirates


Fairline Squadron 48 boat review

MBM takes a first look at the Fairline Squadron 48. Watch the boat test video or look out for a full boat review in an upcoming issue of MBM


EXCLUSIVE Princess 43 boat review

In this exclusive boat test MBM jumps on board the new incarnation of the Princess 42, the Princess 43, and discover a boat that offers even higher levels of sophistication than its predecessor. Watch video of the boat on test


Jeanneau NC14 boat review

In the January 2014 issue of MBM we tested the Jeanneau NC14. Watch the boat test video or read the full review in the next copy of MBM


Elan Power 30 boat review

In the January 2014 issue of MBM we tested the Elan Power 30, a boat that we were fairly sure wouldn't live up to its renderings, but boy we were wrong. Watch video of this splendid boat on the water


Boat Fail video: sailboat hits bridge

In this week's Boat Fail video, the skipper of this sailboat has either greatly misjudged his air draught or else he doesn't seem to notice that the lifting bridge is in fact closing

Motor Boat & Yacthing | HMS Sutherland

HMS Sutherland

Footage from our Christmas boat test special - a sea trial of HMS Sutherland

Motor Boat & Yachting | DIY Superboat

Self-built superboat

Jack Haines sea trials a 72-knot superboat built by racing driver Dean Stoneman