In a worst-case scenario where the 
only option left is to abandon ship, you need to ensure you have everything you reasonably 
need to alert the rescue services and survive so a grab bag is essential.

Grab bag contents are a very personal thing and 
will depend greatly on your cruising area and
 distance. What’s necessary for a crew of two
 a mile offshore in Scotland might be quite different to the requirements of a team of eight 50 miles offshore and heading for the Balearics.

Location is everything – the best-equipped grab bag in the world is useless if you have to abandon ship without it.

Brightly coloured and easily found, it should be capacious enough that you’re not compromised
 in what to fit inside it. It should be completely waterproof and as a result, buoyant.

So, here are a few of the main items you might want to consider packing in your own grab bag…