Cross-party support for MBM campaign

Conservative and Labour MEPs unite behind MBM campaign


MEPs for the Conservative and Labour party have added their voices to the campaign to save red diesel.

One of the more recognisable supporters is Giles Chichester (pictured), son of Sir Francis Chichester, the first man to sail solo around the world.

Chichester, who is a Conservative MEP for the South West, told MBM: “I see no reason for removing the red diesel derogation other than enforcing another piece of unnecessary European harmonisation.”

Labour MEPs were also quick to support MBM. Glyn Ford, also representing the South West, said, “The loss of red diesel would have a disastrous impact on the UK’s leisure marine industry, and so it’s up to myself and other MEPs to make sure the European Commission is fully informed.

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“MBM has done a great job in bringing the issue to the attention of those in power – now it’s our turn to get the derogation renewed.”

James Elles, Conservative MEP for the South East, is another strong supporter.

“Nothing I have seen in the last few years has changed my view that the derogation should be kept,” he said. “The justification for the exemption is as strong as ever.”

To read about Elles’s support in his own words, click here