Editor’s Choice – Top 50 boat gadgets


Our annual Motor Boat Awards have been celebrating the best boats of the year for more than 15 years now but in all that time we’ve never found a way to recognise all the brilliant new kit that allows us to enjoy them to their fullest.

Let’s face it, even the fastest sportsboat or most luxurious flybridge is pretty hopeless without a chartplotter to navigate its way to a secluded bay, an anchor to hold it there and a tender to get to the beach.

And that’s before you consider the deck shoes on your feet, the sunglasses on your nose or the lifejacket around your neck. You get the point, a boat without kit is like gin without tonic – you need them both to appreciate the full effect.

The Editor’s Choice is our way of rectifying that. It represents the 50 best bits of kit that have caught the eyes of the MBY team this year. We haven’t yet had a chance to test them all but we are confident they all have the potential to enhance your boating enjoyment.

Check out our 2021 Editor’s Choice picks below…