VIDEO: Princess R35 sea trial test

A text message to the editor after a test is not rare, just a quick line to reassure him everything has gone to plan and I haven’t accidentally run the boat in question up the nearest sandbank. The summary sent to him after the test of this boat, though, was…


VIDEO: Brig Eagle 10 review

The nose of the Brig Eagle 10 encapsulates its ethos very neatly. Rather than the bow reaching a sharp point, it is squared off, almost as if it ran into a wall at some point. What this gives, of course, is useable internal beam right to the tip of the…


VIDEO: Greenline NEO review

Having not been in the cockpit of a fighter jet during a full lock turn I can’t say for sure what it feels like but it can’t be that dissimilar from doing the same aboard the Greenline NEO. Under instruction from our snapper Richard to “crank it hard over”, the…

Silent Yachts 55

VIDEO: Silent Yachts 55 review

The Silent Yachts 55, with its battery bank and solar panels, is a glimpse into the future of motorboats, but is it a viable option for serious cruising?

Galeon 640 Fly

VIDEO: Galeon 640 Fly review

The Galeon 640 Fly has one of the most innovative main decks on the market but does this futuristic flybridge’s talent extend further than that?

Hylas M44

Hylas M44 video review

Designed in New Zealand and built in Taiwan, the Hylas M44 comes to these shores looking to impress with high quality and robust seakeeping

Pogo Loxo

VIDEO: Pogo Loxo 32 review

Nick Burnham gets in touch with his inner Norseman as he joins the Viking voyage en route from Scandinavia to Brittany on the Pogo Loxo 32

Galeon 460 Fly

VIDEO: Galeon 460 Fly review

The Galeon 460 comes with optional folding balconies and a cockpit teeming with bright ideas, but is there more to this boat than a handful of party tricks?

Azimut S7

VIDEO: Azimut S7 review

With its impressive technical spec, clever design and Italian flair, this Azimut S7 is the perfect marriage of style and substance