VIDEO: How To – Back into a berth

In the Mediterranean almost all berths are arranged for stern-to mooring and even in the UK the height of many modern craft makes it impossible to get on or off anywhere other than the bathing platform. It’s not really that different to entering a berth bow first, however, the shift…

Motor Boat Awards 2019: Behind the scenes photos and video

With a new date, a new venue and a fantastic fleet of boats to honour, the Motor Boat Awards returned with a bang this week (May 7). The evening began at the magnificent Corinthia London Hotel with a drinks reception, before the assembled guests were invited to take their seats.…


VIDEO: Windy 39 Camira – used boat review

“It’s like a Porsche 911. It’s a very high-performance machine, but like the Porsche, it’s underscored by quality, practicality and most of all, the fact that you can use it every day.” Lawrence pauses for a moment and smiles, “but it would be a 911 Convertible.” We’re aboard his Windy…


VIDEO: Princess V39 to Russia – Part 4

With a new crew of Eddie Rourke and Elliott Harrison joining us for the next stage of our Baltic adventure we fly back to Helsinki to catch up with my boat. But where is it? When booking the taxi to take us from the marina to the airport at 4am…


VIDEO: Brig Eagle 10 review

The nose of the Brig Eagle 10 encapsulates its ethos very neatly. Rather than the bow reaching a sharp point, it is squared off, almost as if it ran into a wall at some point. What this gives, of course, is useable internal beam right to the tip of the…


VIDEO: Greenline NEO review

Having not been in the cockpit of a fighter jet during a full lock turn I can’t say for sure what it feels like but it can’t be that dissimilar from doing the same aboard the Greenline NEO. Under instruction from our snapper Richard to “crank it hard over”, the…


VIDEO: Used Boat – Stevens 1375 AC VLET

Next time you’re at a boat show looking at a new boat and the smiling salesman assures you that you can choose whatever you want because ‘it’s a custom build’, try asking him for a little less draft, or for the boat to be nine inches shorter or for the…


VIDEO: How To – Leave a berth using springs

However, it’s still a useful skill to have in your tool box if your thruster fails or the wind proves too strong for its limited power and duration. Before thrusters, driving ahead or astern against a spring or line was pretty much the norm for getting off a berth, particularly…

VIDEO: How To – Lasso a cleat

The ability to lasso a cleat can make coming alongside a lot safer and easier. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to do it

Silent Yachts 55

VIDEO: Silent Yachts 55 review

The Silent Yachts 55, with its battery bank and solar panels, is a glimpse into the future of motorboats, but is it a viable option for serious cruising?

Jeanneau NC11

VIDEO: Used Boat – Jeanneau NC11

The innovative Jeanneau NC11 was built with practicality and usability in mind; Nick Burnham discovers how it stacks up as a secondhand purchase

Galeon 640 Fly

VIDEO: Galeon 640 Fly review

The Galeon 640 Fly has one of the most innovative main decks on the market but does this futuristic flybridge’s talent extend further than that?

Sealegs 9.0m Hydrasol

VIDEO: Sealegs 9.0m Hydrasol review

The Sealegs 9.0m Hydrasol allows you to explore the parts that other craft can’t reach, as we discover on a very unusual tour of Poole Harbour

Sealine F430

VIDEO: Sealine F430 review

A big flybridge and the option of two or three-cabin layouts makes the Sealine F430 a very tempting family buy