Philip Bushill-Matthews (W Mids): keep up pressure on MPs

Philip Bushill-Matthews, Conservative MEP for W Midlands, tells readers to keep pressure on MEPs


Philip Bushill-Matthews, Conservative MEP for West Midlands, told MBM:

“Conservatives are delighted that the Government has finally, after a lot of pushing, agreed to reapply for a derogation when the current one lapses. It would have been helpful if they had done this earlier, but better late than never!

“The granting of this should hopefully be a formality, and we will be giving it our full support.”

It is heartening to see Mr Bushill-Matthews describe a successful outcome as a “formality”, but when pushed for further action, he told us that writing to the Commissioner in charge would have “no impact whatsoever”.

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Instead he told MBM: “In my view, it is still worth readers writing to their Westminster MPs, asking them to pressure the Government to get an early and positive response – just to make clear that the issue is very much front of mind, and remains a priority.”

If MR Bushill-Matthews is your MEP, you can contact him at