Smith (Scotland): MBM has my support

Alyn Smith, Scottish National MEP for Scotland, outlines considerable action plan to support campaign


Alyn Smith, Scottish National MEP for Scotland, told MBM:

“Since being contacted by readers of Motor Boats Monthly about the ‘red
diesel’ derogation Alyn has been active in getting hold of information
from the European Commission, Westminster and the Scottish Parliament.

“Alyn asked Parliamentary Questions of the European Commission on the
derogation, their plans for it and to find out if the UK had been in touch
asking for a derogation.

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“Alyn asked his colleagues in Westminster and Holyrood to do the same
with Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil and Highlands and Islands MSP Jim
Mather questionning what action had been taken and encouraging Ministers
to support the derogation.

“Now the UK have asked for the derogation Alyn is writing to the
Commission again, urging them to accept the derogation and support
Scotland’s coastal and waterside communities.”

Mr Smith has been a pro-active supporter of the campaign, and has been working with the editor to set up a meeting with the Commissioner in charge, Mr Laszlo Kovacs.

If Mr Smith is your MEP, you can contact him at alyn.smith@europarl.europa.euMotor Boats Monthly