Thomas Wise (East): that’s what you get for being in EU

Thomas Wise, UKIP MEP for the East, says he is powerless to affect the process


Thomas Wise, UKIP MEP for the East, told MBM:

“As you say, the UK Government submitted a formal application for the derogation. I am simply not aware of any process or contact I could have that would affect this over here in Brussels. It remains in the gift of the UK government. Why they should have to go cap in hand to get it, baffles me, but then that is what you get by being in the EU, control of your life by folk you do not elect and cannot get rid of!

“If you know of flesh I can press, please let me know.”

MBM has advised Mr Wise to speak to Laszlo Kovacs, the Commissioner responsible for this decision.

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If Mr Wise is your MEP, you can contact him at