UKIP backs Red Alert campaign

The UK Independence Party has thrown its weight behind the Red Alert campaign


The UK Independence Party (UKIP) has become the first political party to pledge its support for MBM’s Red Alert campaign.

UKIP leader Roger Knapman told us, “UKIP is entirely in support of MBM’s campaign to save red diesel. We support all the arguments for this and see no reason to change”.

With a total of 12 MEPs in Brussels, UKIP makes up 14% of the UK’s representation.

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“We strongly believe that any taxation of the British people should be decided directly by our elected representatives in the UK Parliament,” said Knapman. “Indeed, ‘no taxation without representation’ is a fundamental principle of the British constitution and at the core of Parliament’s powers. It is totally unacceptable for taxation policy to be made anywhere else, particularly abroad by non-elected, non-British bureaucrats.”

A UKIP MEP who has taken a particularly strong interest in red diesel is Gerard Batten (pictured).

“If red diesel is lost there will be a decline in leisure boating. The Exchequer will receive less revenue, not more; and economic damage will done to local communities,” said the London MEP.

In March, Batten spoke to the European Parliament, and urged them to support MBM. To read a transcript of his speech, click here