Watson (South West): I share your concerns

Graham Watson, Liberal Democrat MEP for the South West, has already contacted the Commission to support extension of the red diesel derogation


Mr Graham Watson, Liberal Democrat MEP for the South West and chairman of the 90-strong Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, told MBM:

“As a boat owner myself I share your concerns and those of readers of ‘Motor Boat Monthly’ on this matter and I agree that the impact of a price hike on red diesel could be detrimental not just for boat owners but also for local industry and tourism. On behalf of a constituent who raised similar concerns, I recently wrote to Commissioner László Kovács, the Commissioner with responsibility for the Taxation and Customs Union, asking the Commission to look favourably on the UK’s application for an extension to allow the Treasury to continue to tax fuel for pleasure craft and road fuel separately. I should be pleased to revert directly I receive a reply.

“Please assure readers of ‘Motor Boat Monthly’ that I will keep a close eye on the situation and if there is another opportunity to raise this matter in the near future I will of course do so.”

This is another encouraging reply from an influential member of our European representatives.

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If Mr Watson is your MEP, you can contact him at euro_office@cix.co.uk