What if I pull out?

Information on our refund policy

For all our cruises, detailed arrangements have to be made which are dependent on the number of boats taking part. We consequently have to levy a fee if your booking is accepted and you subsequently have to cancel.

If you need to cancel up to two months prior to the event, we will refund your fee, less a £75 admin fee. For cancellations between one and two months in advance, the refund is 50% of the entry fee. For cancellations made one month or less in advance, the entire fee is forfeit.

If there are reasons for your cancellation that are covered by your travel insurance policy, we can issue a letter confirming your loss of entry fees on request.

No refund is due if a boat is excluded due to lack of compliance with our equipment, paperwork and important information. Refunds are not due for curtailment, itinerary changes or incomplete cruises, when the cause is beyond MBM’s control. Problems with poor weather fall into this category.

Compensation due if an event has to be cancelled altogether will be limited to a sum equal to the booking fee paid.