Important information

Need-to-know information for the cruise

Completing forms correctly
Please note that incomplete, or incorrectly completed forms will be returned without allocation of a place. This is to reduce the administration in chasing for missing or incorrect information.

Boat length
Length must be total, including davits, bathing platforms and pulpits, as berths will be allocated according to your declared length.

Cruising speed
Your cruising speed should be the speed that you cruise at under normal conditions (minimum speed 12 knots). We will use this information to allocate a departure time and therefore a suitable arrival time at each destination.

Important considerations
Although we will always try to ensure that all boats that require electric will have access to it, there are some ports that have insufficient outlets to cater for everyone. We can usually get around this by using splitters, but there may be occasions where you may be without electric for a night or two.

Please be aware that due to the nature of running a large fleet of boats, we will be rafting at many of our destinations.

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There have been stories of British boaters being fined for having out-of-date pyrotechnic flares in French waters. While these claims remain unsubstantiated, it may be prudent to have a full set of in-date pyrotechnics on board and to avoid carrying any out-of-date flares.