The world’s best charterboat holidays

Rid yourself of the winter blues by booking one of these fantastic charterboats in some of the most boater-friendly locations in the world

If like for us, winter marks a downward turn in your serotonin levels, then as the nights draw in you need something to cheer you up, and what better way than by booking a charter holiday to sunnier climes?

Our world charterboat guide brings you the pick of some of the best destinations to charter a boat, and if the term charterboat brings you out in a cold sweat then fear not, we’ve handpicked some charterboats than you wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen helming, with brands such as Fairline, Sealine and Linssen on offer.

And while we’re on the subject, why not take part in our poll and tell us whether or not a charterboat holiday is for you.