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Riva Iseo

  • Wed, 31 Aug 2011
Motor Boat & Yachting | Riva Iseo
Motor Boat & Yachting | Riva Iseo The new Riva Iseo

Find out how the Riva Iseo fared in our boat test

They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but you would surely have to possess very peculiar eyes to judge the Riva Iseo as anything but amazingly beautiful. Yet the Iseo's magic extends much further than appearances. Hidden beneath the twenty coats of varnish on its gleaming mahogany foredeck lies immensely strong resin infused composite construction, and a level of engineering excellence that is no less than that you'd find on a big Ferretti.

This nippy sportsboat holds some surprises too. Although its 40 knot top speed is achieved with a 320hp Yanmar sterndrive, Riva offer a waterjet version too, ideal for superyacht owners looking for a classy tender. Plus, there's a hybrid version which mates the diesel to a powerful electric motor, capable of pushing the Iseo along at 7.5 knots in almost complete silence.

Beyond all these technical niceties, there are layers of exquisite detailing to marvel at: slatted stainless steel air intakes set into the aft deck, a surprisingly useful rear view mirror, a magnificent steering wheel, and stainless foredeck cleats and fairleads which were clearly created for the Iseo, not lifted from a parts bin. And beyond the details there's the soul of the Riva Iseo. But words can't really capture this - it's that special something that you have to experience first hand to really appreciate.



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