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Greenline 33 Hybrid

  • Tue, 1 Jun 2010
Greenline 33 Hybrid
Greenline 33 Hybrid Greenline 33 Hybrid Greenline 33 Hybrid Greenline 33 Hybrid Greenline 33 Hybrid

Is this the boat to change the world?

Pros and Cons
For: Value for money, near-silent electric running, generous headroom, hybrid power
Against: Only one separate cabin, awkward machinery access, flimsy rear window

It's almost unheard of for us to encounter a boat which genuinely has the power to shake up the boating market. The new Greenline 33 Hybrid has exactly that potential.

As well as ‘normal' diesel engine propulsion, the coupe-like 33 has the ability to cruise along in almost complete silence using its electric motor/generator. Of course, the diesel option is faster (13.3 knots on test) but the electric motor pushed our prototype test boat at a perfectly respectable inland waterways cruising speed of 5.5 knots.

The 33's eco and hybrid credentials don't end there - there's also the option of an interlinked solar roof which helps to charge the big lithium-polymer battery bank, and which can also (allegedly) generate enough power on the sunniest of days to waft the 33 along at a self-sustaining 3.5 knots.

Irrespective of its performance and its hybrid and eco credentials, what makes the Greenline stand out from the crowd is its remarkably competitive price. Here is a voluminous, practical coupe that can be bought (without all the hybrid paraphernalia) for as little as £79,900 ex VAT.

Adding the electric motor/generator that elevates the 33 to hybrid status adds £20,000 ex VAT, but even that version kicks off at a remarkably competitive £117,383 inc UK VAT. So, unique and good value for money - now there's a novelty.


Wheelhouse & Walkaround

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