Automatic fender system promises to take the hassle out of mooring up

Never forget to pull your fenders in again with this ingeniously simple system from Go Earth Ltd

In the 1937 book We Didn’t Mean To Go To Sea, yachting author Arthur Ransome describes putting to sea with your fenders still hanging down the sides of the boat as ‘like a gentleman coming down to breakfast with his shirt tails hanging out’.

He was right then and it is still absolutely true today, it’s very poor form. If you can’t be bothered to pull in your fenders then this new device from Go Earth Ltd will save your blushes — electric fender lifters.

The idea is actually very simple. A box attaches to your side guardrail. Inside is a small motor that rotates a pulley, which winches your fender line in or out.

And by running the line through the fender (rather than attaching to the top of it) and back up to the rail adjacent to the box, it means that when the line pulls tight, the fender is strung horizontally between them.

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Altering the amount of line winched out to deploy the fenders adjusts the height they rest at, and the whole thing is controlled by an app on your phone that links by Bluetooth.

You can fit as many as you need and no wiring is required as each box contains a small solar panel to keep its battery charged up.

The automatic docking system costs £1,198.80 per pair.

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