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Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) may have originally been conceived as a collision avoidance system for commercial shipping but in recent years they have become a popular safety aid for leisure…

MBY May 2019

This edition is a Dutch special, with tests of the Linssen GS 500 and Zeelander Z44 plus our Custom Yachting supplement


However, it’s still a useful skill to have in your tool box if your thruster fails or the wind proves too strong for its limited power and duration. Before thrusters,…

Sportsboats and RIBS Sponsored by Agapi 950 Finnmaster T8 Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0 Nimbus W9 Parker 850 Voyager Superboats Brabus Shadow 800 Cockwells Titian Tender Levi 8.5 SACS Strider 10 Sealegs…

The ability to lasso a cleat can make coming alongside a lot safer and easier. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to do it

MBY April 2019

In our future of boating special we review the Silent Yachts 55 and Galeon 640 Fly and take a look at 5 boats of tomorrow

RIB at sea

The new IPV (Intended Pleasure Vessels) Code was introduced by the MCA in January and allows privately owned boats to be temporarily used commercially. Read all about it here