Suzuki DF300B: New 300hp outboard launched for larger boat market

With ever larger and heavier boats joining the ranks of outboard power, large and technologically advanced engines are becoming an ever more important part of any outboard manufacturer’s range. With that in mind, the latest model from Suzuki is the DF300B

The stand-out feature of this engine is a Dual Prop System, whereby two propellors, one directly behind the other, counter-rotate, negating torque twist and providing efficient forward thrust.

Suzuki has also fitted a 2-Stage Gear Reduction, in which the gear ratio is first reduced in between the crankshaft and the driveshaft (1st stage reduction), and then reduced again within the gear case (2nd stage reduction).

The company says that the main benefit of combining the contra-rotating propellers and 2-Stage Gear Reduction is the ability to deliver high propulsion power, meaning the DF300B can be rigged onto heavier boats.

Powering all this is a 4,390cc four-stroke V6 engine that produces 300hp, but crucially does so on regular (91 RON) petrol, meaning that it can be offered to customers in more countries.

Production of this 300hp outboard is underway at Suzuki’s Kosai Plant, but UK prices are yet to be confirmed.