Red diesel reaction

Not many people know the latest about red diesel - this needs to change


Despite the latest news about red diesel being possibly the most important announcement made about the future of boating in this country for some time, surprisingly few people know about it. MBM has been trying to do its bit by handing out flyers and talking to brokers and boaters alike. But it’s odd that not more has been made of it by the BMF, RYA and IWA.

The three organisations did sterling work in lobbying HMRC for a 60/40 split, and you would think they’d be shouting it from the rooftops. But they’re not. A smallish news story went in the daily BMF-produced Boat Show News, but if you didn’t read that, or the YBW stories, then you’d be in the dark. Personally I think the BMF should have had people out pounding the pontoons, telling salesmen to add to their patter: “You know, the fuel situation isn’t as bad as it might have been. Did you know… etc etc”

But on reflection, perhaps the BMF is in a tight spot and not willing to draw too much attention to the apportionment for fear of upsetting things before the ink is fully dry. As the mag that brought you the good news first, MBM will remain all over this developing story. Look out for a fuller feature in the November issue.