The final countdown

As we head into the homeward straight the sun is out and hopes are pinned on it being a busy weekend


This weekend is all about sealing the deal. After a devastating drop of 19% in visitors on Tuesday, Wednesday was better with a drop of just 4%. Today though things seem to have picked up a bit and there is certainly a bit more of a buzz about the place.

I started the day on the Sunseeker balcony where Robert Braithwaite of Sunseeker was presented with the Queens Award for innovation for the fifth time. The prestigious award was yet another excuse for Sunseeker to pop open the bubbly – it’s a hard life this hack business, but somebody has to do it.

If you haven’t made it down yet there’s still time to get here and take a peak round some impressive boats, including the Maritimo 48, the Princess V62 and the quirky Tuna 40.

And if you visit tomorrow you can also view some models of the leggy variety, in the shape of the Miss PSP Southampton Boat Show competition.