Day 10 – Normandy cruise: part 2

The MBM Cruising Club fleet reaches Fecamp and against the odds the sun is still shining

As planned the first boats set off from Deauville this morning at about 9.30am with the rest of the boats following in quick succession.

For the first morning in a while, some of the crews were wearing their foulies as they embarked due to the fact that there was some light rain with more forecast. Neale and I didn’t need to take such precautions though as the covered helm position in Blue Fin protects us from such trivialities as a bit of wet weather.

En route the weather cleared up and Neale and I took the opportunity to photograph many of the boats underway, which made for an exhilarating ride as Neale sped up to get into position for each photoshoot.

High winds are forecast for later in the week so on arrival in Fecamp we got most of the boats refuelled, in case we find a weather window and we need to make a quick dash back across the Channel.

There are a couple of boats that still need to refuel in the morning but once they are sorted the plan is to cut short our stay in Fecamp and head to St Valery-en-Caux as due to the weather, unless we go tomorrow we may not make it there at all.

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We also bid farewell to one of the boats in the fleet today. Michael and Karen from Lord Fyfe decided to remain in Deauville to do some shopping. They will try to catch up with us later in the week…wherever we may be.