Day 14 Netherlands Cruise

The fleet remain in Nieuwpoort for another day due to poor weather

With winds forecast of up to force 6 or even force 7 it was an easy decision to make, the fleet would stay in Nieuwpoort another day. In his 7am VHF broadcast Neale addressed the fleet with the news and told them all to go back to bed.

Despite a deceptively sunny start to the day the wind filled in and the skies darkened on occasions. Even with the dark clouds looming it has remained dry and warm all day.

And so it was to be a day of pottering, exploring, stocking up on supplies and relaxing. For the MBM team it was a chance to tackle a growing jobs list.

 Day 14 Blue Fin at KYCN

The weather is looking slightly better tomorrow so the plan is to check it again first thing, and possibly sending support RIB Time Flies out to assess the conditions for a passage home.