Day 4 – (part 2) Channel Islands Liberation Cruise

We made it to Guernsey after a blustery morning in Cherbourg

The morning started a little brighter and the RIB went out to test the waters at 12, but half an hour later the feedback was confused seas. They pushed on and into the Race to the Channel Islands where the seas flattened off substantially.

After a delayed start caused by a quick impeller change on one of the boats, we were off.

The start was a little messy with confused seas, but it wasn’t long before we had the Channel Islands in sight, were cruising along at 28knots and sitting on the flybridge enjoying the sun.

The tide was pushing along at up to nine knots, allowing even the slowest of boats to get a good speed. We all arrived at Guernsey in good time, and a short wait for the sill to be covered and we made it into Victoria Marina.