Day 8 Netherlands Cruise

Crews spend a blustery day in quirky and quaint Willemstad

Willemstad 51° 41.655N 004° 26.462E

Its been a blustery grey day in Willemstad. Conditions were choppy outside in the Hollandsch Diep, with many of the local boats making a break for their home berths in the early morning. For MBM crews there was a leisurely start to the day and a chance to explore.

The charming quirky town was quiet, the shops were closed, it is a sunday afterall. Exploring the world war II defences and bunkers, with spectacular views across the Hollandsch Diep was a popular choice. Others ventured further a field- the crew of Top Cat cycled back to Brouwershaven to collect their car. For the MBM team there was the usual jobs list to tend to. Keith and Claire refuelled Time Flies while Cruise Leader Neale, accompanied by Graham off Rosie D were busy down the bilges on Kittiwake. There was a problem with its alternator. 

On a quick exploration of the town in the afternoon, junior MBM staffer Paul was placed in the town stocks.

Day 8 Paul in the town stocks

Bad behavior? MBM staffer Paul in the town stocks

A briefing was held on the quayside at 6pm where new navigation plans were issued for the passages to Dordrecht and Goes. Tomorrow the fleet will move onto Dordrecht which is a 13-mile passage with no locks. The boats will begin departing at 11am in view of arriving at 1pm.