Classic Riva Junior fetches £69k at London Boat Show auction

Ferretti Group dealer Ventura has revealed that the classic Riva Junior auctioned off at the London Boat Show fetched £69,000

Most of the 92,288 people who visited last week’s CWM FX London Boat Show will have brought a bit of spare change, in the hope of bagging a bargain.

However, one show goer really splashed out by snapping up this classic Riva Junior for just £69,000 as part of the Ventura auction.

The Ferretti Group dealer told MBY that its sealed-bid auction attracted seven bids this year, four of which were over the guide pride of £50,000.

One of the bidders clearly hoped that an emotional appeal would seal the deal for the 1967 Riva Junior, writing on their bid: “Please sell it to me, I would love it forever!”

The eventual winner of the auction has asked to remain private, so we can only hope this classic Riva will get the love it deserves.

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Ventura has praised the auction, now in its second year, describing it as “a very popular feature”.

No doubt its popularity was helped by the bikini fashion show that took place on the Ventura stand on Thursday night (pictured below).

The classic Riva auction is expected to return at the 2016 London Boat Show (8-17 January).

London Boat Show 2015 bikini fashion show