Fabio Buzzi and Hannes Bohinc in pre-race scrap

Things hotting up between Round Britain rivals

As the start date of the Round Britain Powerboat Race gets closer, the current champion Fabio Buzzi clearly has no plans to give up his trophy!

Fabio (right) met with some pressure to hand over the title early from friend and rival for overall victory Hannes Bohinc (left).

The two legends of powerboating met at Fabio’s Lake Como headquarters as part of pre-race testing.

Ironically, Fabio’s FB Design firm designed and constructed the boat that Hannes will use in the race.

Fabio, who won the title in 1984 and is racing again this year in one of his own classic designs, said: “Hannes is a good guy and a top racer and his Wettpunkt.com boat is, after all, an FB Design.

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“I wish him well in the race.

“But if we are neck-and-neck on the final day, don’t expect me to ease upon the throttles!”

The event, which has only ever been held in 1969 and 1984, starts on 21 June from Portsmouth with around 40 boats taking part.