Flying pyramid superyacht moves one step closer to reality

Jonathan Schwinge has signed up a key partner for his ambitious flying pyramid superyacht project

We’ve reported on many superyacht concepts over the years here at and very few of them ever get built, but it seems like this flying pyramid superyacht design may be one of the few.

Created by London-based architect Jonathan Schwinge, the Tetrahedron superyacht was first conceived in 2010 and the idea has been gaining momentum ever since.

The basic concept involves an underwater trimaran hull that can raise the main living area above the water as it gets onto the plane at around 15 knots.

Despite its bizarre alien spaceship looks, the Tetrahedron seems to be moving towards production, after Schwinge teamed up with Marcel Müller of Inmainco Visionary Marine Management.

Marcel has previously worked for Rolls Royce and Solent-based racing yacht manufacturer Green Marine, so his name adds real weight to the project.

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Jonathan told MBY: “The project is in its early stage of engineering and the prototype will come later.” What’s more, the 70ft flying pyramid superyacht design is based on proven technology from Baltimore’s Maritime Applied Physics Corporation.

With a carbon fibre and stainless steel superstructure, the Tetrahedron would have enough accommodation space for six guests and four crew members. The predicted top speed is 38 knots with a maximum cruising range of 3,000nm.

The last remaining piece of the puzzle is one seriously brave, ambitious and (most of all) rich owner to take the plunge. Here’s hoping…

Update 7/12/21: More than 10 years after this project was first pitched, there is no news of a buyer or a build partner for the Tetrahedron concept. Back to the drawing board for Schwinge…

To see more renderings of the flying pyramid superyacht, click on the gallery below: