New E-TEC outboard

High output version launched in Italy

Evinrude have launched a new model in their ground-breaking E-TEC range of outboards.

Launched at the Genoa Boat Show, over the past fortnight, the new engine is called the 250hp High Output (H.O.), following in the footsteps of Evinrude’s 200hp H.O. launched three years ago.

The H.O. versions are designed largely for the US bass fishing market, where even the smallest gains over rivals are highly sought after. However, the bass fishing rules also state that engine horsepower can only be tweaked by 10%, so the H.O. gains are relatively small.

Nevertheless, the US manufacturer says the engine combines “exceptional power with lightweight design to allow boaters to make faster hole shots and increase top speed on a variety of boats, from large RIBs to power boats”.

They claim the 250hp H.O. weighs 128lbs (58kg) less than competitive engines at the same horsepower.

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