New buoyed channel into Cowes will improve small craft navigation


The Cowes Harbour
Commission is planning to mark out a new small craft channel on the approach to
Cowes Harbour to make access for leisure boaters easier and safer. 

The new buoyed channel,
which will be in place by 31 March, is 200 metres long, and will cut through the
main moorings and flow directly into the fairway. The channel follows a
line from the end of the Shrape breakwater to the main fairway opposite the
short stay visitor pontoons at Town Quay. 

Deputy Harbourmaster Rod
Hodgson said, “It is hoped the new channel will reduce congestion at the
fairway entrance and enable suitable craft to avoid the strong tidal flows in
the vicinity. In addition it will remove the temptation for vessels to take a
short cut through the small craft moorings where damage to boats and buoys has
been a problem in the past.”