Updated advice: Cowes breakwater exclusion zone removed

Boaters heading into the Isle of Wight port this season will notice that the Cowes breakwater is complete and the advice to mariners has been updated accordingly

Cowes Harbour Commissioners (CHC) have updated their advice to mariners after the Cowes breakwater exclusion zone was removed.

The £7m tidal defence project was completed last October, following a 17-month construction period carried out by contactors Boksalis Westminster.

Boaters heading into the popular Isle of Wight port this season will be able to pass close to the Cowes breakwater’s western edge in the main navigation channel, but are still advised to keep at least 30 metres away.

Cowes breakwater exclusion zoneWhat’s more, two temporary north cardinal buoys have been installed off the northern edge of the 350m wide breakwater to mark the excess gravel, which is due to be removed before the end of May.

In a statement, CHC added: “You should avoid passing between the buoys marking the breakwater’s western and eastern toes because there is limited clearance.

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“Do not be tempted to cut inside or you may find yourself aground and holed, particularly around low water,” the harbour authority adds.


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