Peters & May sign up for Cowes to Monte Carlo race

Leading marine transport firm to handle logistics

Marine transport company Peters & May have announced their support for the Cowes to Monte Carlo Powerboat Grand Prix in June 2013.

The company will be offering teams – currently numbering 41 – transport solutions before and after the event as well as providing a comprehensive courier service for urgent spares and replacement parts.

Organiser Mike Lloyd said: “Crews will be fatigued after racing for up to eight hours a day but when suffering mechanical breakdown will want to know spare parts will arrive in time to get the boats back on the start line the following day.

“This is the reason we have accepted the Peters & May Group as our official logistics provider.”

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David Holley, CEO of Peters & May, said: “To have 41 of the 50 places already filled more than two years before the race starts proves to us it is going to be a massive event and we are delighted to be involved. It’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks, both from a racing and a logistical perspective”.

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