Salty cinema as Russell Crowe arrives at Cowes Week

We've heard of a drive-in, but a sail-in?

Boaters visiting this year’s Cowes

Week will be able to watch a film whilst afloat at the world’s first-ever

Sail-In Cinema. A 10.5m wide and 5.5m high screen will be provided off Cowes

Esplanade, and boats moored across the Solent will be able to watch the film

and tune in to Cowes Radio (87.7FM) to listen to the soundtrack.

It was perhaps inevitable that the

film to be screened, chosen by public vote, is the maritime epic ‘Master and

Commander: The Far Side of the World’, based on the books written by Patrick

O’Brian, and starring Russell Crowe. The one-off sail-in screening will take

place on Friday 12 August beginning at 7pm.

Harbourmasters at Cowes, Southampton and Portsmouth

have warned that all mariners should maintain an efficient lookout and navigate

with extreme caution in the Solent throughout the duration of Cowes Week.


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