Swiss firm set for lift-off with hybrid hydrofoil project

Hydros claims that the HY-X is the world’s first hybrid hydrofoil

Of all the remarkable vessels on display at last month’s Monaco Yacht Show (24-27 September), few could claim to be quite as extraordinary as the Hydros HY-X.

The 20ft hybrid hydrofoil prototype is a world first, according to its Swiss manufacturers, as it features four foils that can be retracted, allowing for a comfortable ride in a variety of conditions.

With the foils deployed, Hydros claims that the HY-X can squeeze a maximum speed of 45 knots from its super-efficient set-up, which sips at fuel from a pair of 35hp outboard engines.

But they’re not done there – the Lausanne-based company says that the finished product will be twice the size of the prototype on display at Monaco.

The result will be a 40ft carbon epoxy hull that can cruise three feet above the waterline, consuming 30% less fuel than an equivalent outboard powerboat in the process.

And with funding from the Swiss private bank Lombard Odier, the Hydros team certainly has the financial clout to realise their lofty ambitions.

To see the Hydros HY-X in action, click on the video below:

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