Gibbs Marine Linetti 27.5.

Driving the Linetti 27.5 is ike strapping yourself into a stylish Italian rocket

The word awesome is ascribed the following meaning in the Oxford English dictionary: ‘impressive and formidable; so impressive or overwhelming as to inspire a strong feeling of admiration or fear.’ After this seatrial we think the dictionary editors should change its meaning to: (noun) Linetti 27.5.

Mild terror was the predominant feeling before setting out to test this 50-knot, adrenalin machine, but by the end of a superb day on the water all we felt was admiration.

It is clear that pride goes into each of the 20 boats produced by Linetti every year. Built by hand, the mouldings are finished with such precision that they look as though they have been produced with a laser-guided tool.

But Linetti has gone one step further by delivering practicality and accommodation into the package. Take the double curvature forward screen or the stainless steel and leather trim. You may be sat on a rocket, but it’s a beautiful and comfortable rocket.

Below you get a convertible sofa in the cabin, which could double as a resuscitation chamber, somewhere you can retreat to if you need to bring your heart rate back to a safe level.

At tick over the engine sounds throaty with heavy, suggestive undertones and cruising along at 35 knots it purrs with arrogance. But floor the throttle and watch the speedo needle fly past 50 knots and you can hardly contain your excitement at the sound of pure, unadulterated raw power.

Of course you could easily cruise at 25 knots but, with a boat like this, that would be such a waste.

Tested June 2008


  • Overall score:


  • You will be seen and heard wherever you go at hair-straightening speeds


  • Fuel consumption is comparable to a Boeing 747 taking off

Price as reviewed:



A superbly built racing machine but with all the comforts of a cruiser


Displacement: 1,700 kg
Top Speed: 50 knots and counting
Cabins: One cabin, two berths
Fuel Capacity: 110 gallons
Beam: 8ft 2in (2.5m)
Cruising Speed: 35 knots
Water Capacity: 25 gallons
Length Overall: 27ft 3in (8.3m)
Engines: Single MerCruiser Magnum 380hp Bravo 8.1 OSXi drive petrol
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