Atlantis Yachts Verve 36

Pace and panache sprinkeld with Italian flair

What a day for a test on a glamorous weekender like the new Atlantis Verve 36. It was Decemeber in Savona, on the north east coast of Italy, which means miserable, damp, gloomy weather, with the temperature hovering just a few degrees above freezing. However alluring, those bikini-clad girls never look the same when they’re wearing thermal vests and full oilskins.

So no smiles as we headed out of the commercial port. And then a wonderful thing happened. No, the sun didn’t spring into action, the boat did. If any sportsboat could bring a smile to your face on a grey day, this is it.

Forty knots in the perishing cold ought to be enough to dampen anybody’s enthusiasm, instead it’s wonderful handling and strong performance shone through and saved the day.

Hurtling around in the Verve 36 is like driving a great sports car with a rigid chassis – there’s a finely chiselled feel to the handling. But unlike some sports cars, the boat’s ‘suspension’ is very compliant, thanks to the Verve’s superb deep-Vee hull, which sliced through the chop with great ease. That’s quite an achievement considering how beamy the boat is.



  • Glorious handling and ride, outstanding cockpit stowage, attention to practical detail, safe, easy movement round deck, strong, useable performance, twofold engineroom access


  • Darkly tinted windscreen, midships fender hanging points

Price as reviewed:



Displacement: 8.3 tonnes light, 9.2 tonnes loaded (loaded = light + 100% fuel & water)
Top Speed: 38.1 knots
Cabins: 1
Fuel Capacity: 176 imp gal (800 litres)
Beam: 12ft 7in (3.84m)
Cruising Speed: 23.9 knots, 251 miles @ 2,600rpm
Water Capacity: 55 imp gal (250 litres)
Air Draught: 9ft 0in (2.75m) MBY estimate
RCD Category: B (for 12 people)
Length Overall: 39ft 2in (11.93m)
Engines: Twin Volvo D6-330 DPH sterndrive, 330hp @ 3,500rpm, 6-cylinder 5.5 litre diesels
Range: 23.9 knots, 251 miles @ 2,600rpm
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