Torqeedo 1103C electric outboard: Quick trial reveals this compact motor’s potential

Electric outboard motors are growing in popularity and in this video Nick puts one of Torqeedo’s latest units to the test

Our man Nick has done his fair share of boat tours over the years, but every now and then he gets to test some pretty nifty boating gear too.

In this video, he takes delivery of a brand new Torqeedo 1103C electric outboard motor and then attaches it to his Excel Ventura 260 inflatable tender for a quick test.

As you’ll see, the Torqeedo 1103C is very easy to set up and can pack down into a small space for storage or transportation.

Although they are much pricier than their diesel counterparts, there are a lot of advantages to having an electric outboard, not least the option to charge the batteries via solar power.

With an equivalent power output of 3hp, the Torqeedo 1103C is not exactly the punchiest outboard motor on the market, but the smile it puts on Nick’s face tells its own story!


Shaft length: 0.625-0.75m (2’1”-2’6”)
Power: 915Wh (3hp)
Weight: 17.7kg (39lbs)
Warranty: 2 years
RRP: £1,869 (inc. VAT)