VIDEO: Marex 375 at Dusseldorf Boat Show

Our guided tour of the Marex 375, taken from the 2015 Dusseldorf Boat Show

This Norwegian yard may be better known for its clever 370 aft-cabin cruiser but this new two cabin Marex 375 is every bit as clever.

The layout follows a fairly conventional pattern with a master cabin in the bows and a very generously proportioned double guest cabin amidships but the saloon and cockpit are overflowing with time and space-saving ideas.

Instead of copious fiddly removeable cockpit covers, two clear Perspex panels hidden in recesses next to the sliding glass doors draw around the cockpit on overhead tracks and join in the middle like the curtains of a bay window.

Deck lockers hidden beneath the teak sidedecks also reveal a pair of ready-rigged fenders you can drop over the side, while a further four slot neatly into another bespoke locker on the bathing platform.

The Marex 375 feels like it has been designed by someone who really understands how boats are used with every cubic inch of space put to good use and a clever solution for problem.

It’s also beautifully built with the option of single or twin diesel engines on shafts or sterndrives and a starting price of £282,000 inc VAT.

See the Marex 375 in more detail by watching the video above.