Henri Lloyd Octogrip Mono Shoes

One of the biggest surprises with the Octogrip Monos was just how well we got on with them. Traditionally big fans of traditional leather deckies, marine trainers are a pretty modern departure and often designed with the sailing fraternity in mind but these lightweight, breathable trainers worked really well, proved extremely comfortable and were very grippy on deck.

Durable and easy to wear, the Octogrips are incredibly light and had us bounding around the decks with confidence.

Easy to slip on thanks to the a criss-cross lacing system using loops of material for speed lacing these options from Henri Lloyd are great if you’re looking for a more technical shoe that will give you a bit more agility.

The Octo Grips were fast drying, easily adjusted and gripped the deck well. The sole features a blade technology and the one-piece construction reduces the need for stitching (hence the mono) and so improves durability.

Breathability was good on test, meaning these boat shoes remained pong-free even after a hard day on board. The open construction and super quick-drying mesh worked well and even on first wear rubbing was minimal.

Fortunately, the styling is practical and fairly sedate, especially when compared to some other garish numbers out there.

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Our favourite summer marine trainer and a tick for the MBY Cool 50 thanks to the combination of limpet-like grip and lightweight design.  

Super easy to slip on, the trainers hug your feet and keep you surefooted and well protected when crewing.


Price: £85