Tried and tested: Wuzzos Corinthian Pro deck shoes

There's no doubt that in our minds that the Wuzzos Corinthian Pro takes the art of the ubiquitous deck shoe to another level...

It is said that boat shoes can be like people: Some you’re comfortable with, others you’re not. For this reviewer, slipping on a pair of Wuzzos Corinthian Pro deck shoes for the first time was like meeting somebody you warm to instantly.

It’s hard to pin down why exactly, but the magnetism was there from the off. It could have been the build-quality – these are undoubtedly sturdy and well-constructed shoes – it might have been the attractive styling and detailing, or perhaps it was down to the feel of the plush, padded insoles which greeted my feet.

But, more importantly, how would they fare over time? Would they be able to cope with the rigours of a salty life at sea, and what about our boatyard’s hardstanding, largely comprised of hogging aggregate that’s notoriously unforgiving on the feet?

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That first fit was several months ago. Since then, they’ve seen heavy use, both on the boat and off, and are still going strong. Just as comfortable as they were on day one, their appearance is largely unchanged despite having been soaked more than once.

The occasional squirt of protector has been applied to the suede uppers, but nothing more. Inside, the Micro Fresh odour-eliminating antimicrobial treatment appears to be doing an admirable job.

The shoes have also retained their shape with no noticeable stretching and Wuzzos’ multiple claims about the soles of the Corinthian Pro – that they are non-marking, UV resistant, anti-aquaplaning – have all stood the test of time.


The soles are also substantial and flexible, which makes crossing our yard’s hardstanding painless, something we can’t say for other shoes we have worn while boating.

Harder to evaluate has been the shoes’ Wave-Shock feature, which refers to forward-facing structural panels incorporated into the white outsole designed to limit torsional twist and absorb impact.

Wuzzos say Wave-Shock minimises energy transmission from the shoe to the body and thus helps prevent injuries to ankles, knees and so on.


We’re delighted to report we feel no more cranky today than we did when we started wearing the Corinthian Pros, so on that basis Wave-Shock gets a tick in the box too!

Wuzzos Corinthian Pro are not cheap to buy, but our experience points to a pair of shoes which are going to go on and on – and that suggests a cost-effective purchase in the long run.

Price: £120 (inc. VAT)

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